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Keep your visitors updated with full historical and active season football schedules.
Your visitors will be able to track when their favourite team is playing and will be able to reminisce about historical games.
Design a match center to keep visitors engaged.
Enhance your match center with statistics, events, line-ups, H2H results, referee and coach stats and more. You can decide for yourself which data of the Football API you will show within your application.
Monitor all live standings of any league.
You can show who is the virtual table leader while matches are in play. The Football API can track all live standings of all leagues.

Don’t waste precious time and resources

We understand the importance of saving time and resources, and our solutions are designed with that in mind.

  • Football imageThe Football API enables easy integration with your existing or new application.
  • Football imageEffortlessly filter responses for relevant data. Don't waste your time searching in the big pile of data, and filter your way to the data you need.
  • Football imageThe team at Sportmonks has a firsthand understanding of the data that football fans want because they love the game themselves.


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Don’t believe us until you try the Football API. Our free plan can be used to test the Football API. You will be granted access to the Danish Superliga and the Scottish Premiership. The other option is to subscribe to one of the Football plans and automatically start the 14-day free trial including all the international leagues. There are a couple of possible plans, the free plan, the European plan, the Worldwide Plan and the Enterprise plan. Finally, there is a custom plan.

All top leagues' live scores
Keep your users informed with real-time scores and events by opting for our powerful Football API. Choose the Football API and experience the fastest live scores in the business.
All top leagues statistics
Provide your users with all the stats of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or whatever competition piques your interest.
Predictions, News and widgets
With our Football API, you can use lots of add-ons like the prediction API, News API and multiple Football Widgets. All these extra features are provided by Sportmonks for you to outshine your competitors.

Choose the Football API features you need

  • Match schedules and historical matches
  • Match statistics and events
  • Complete team squads
  • Match formations & Line-ups
  • (Live) scores and standings
  • (Live) odds and predictions
  • Coach and referee stats
  • And many more are included in the Premier League API!

Build an unparalleled Football app

Do you want to create a live score application, fantasy game, betting portal or something completely different? We have the Football API and data to fit your needs.

Make the smart choice and pick the right data provider and Football API. Develop the perfect application with the Football API of your choice, and ensure your customers keep their faith in you. If you use unreliable data, your customers will find out, and they will walk away.

Another mistake you can make is investing money in overpriced data. Yes, the data might be great, but should you spend that much money? Sportmonks thinks data shouldn’t be expensive and should be available for everyone, with a great idea that includes football data.

We know that using a great Football API with reliable data is vital to creating a fantastic application. Don’t let your competitors steal the show while you are on the sidelines.

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    "data": {
        "id": 18535302,
        "sport_id": 1,
        "league_id": 8,
        "season_id": 19734,
        "stage_id": 77457864,
        "group_id": null,
        "aggregate_id": null,
        "round_id": 274688,
        "state_id": 5,
        "venue_id": 204,
        "name": "Arsenal vs Manchester United",
        "starting_at": "2023-01-22 16:30:00",
        "result_info": null,
        "leg": "1/1",
        "details": null,
        "length": 90,
        "placeholder": false,
        "last_processed_at": "2023-02-06 16:05:52",
        "starting_at_timestamp": 1674405000,


We have seen ideas from over 20,000 Football API users. Lots of them have built successful applications. Are you ready to create yours? If you are still trying to decide, please read one of our case studies to find out how much our clients enjoy working with our Football API and the data within.

We chose Sportmonks because of its Football API’s accuracy, ease of use, and outstanding customer service. Starting with Sportmonks was incredibly easy and intuitive. The onboarding process was virtually non-existent. Just plug and play!

Xavier - CTO ScorePlay

Why Sportmonks

Don’t get lost in the maze of Football Data and start your journey with the compass Sportmonks’ Football API offers. Building your dream app is a breeze with our intuitive Football API and the outstanding support of our customer service team.

Reliable data is essential for success, and we offer it at an affordable price. Start your free trial now and climb to the top in no time.

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The table below provides a complete price overview of the various available Football API subscription.

Over 2,000 leagues are available in the Football API. The Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, and other big leagues worldwide are among them.

Do you want to know what the Football API offers before committing? Of course, that is a possibility. You can subscribe to the free plan or one of the paid plans to start a 14-day free trial.

Football API pricing

The table below provides a complete price overview of the various available Football API subscription.

Over 2,000 leagues are available in the Football API. The Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, and other big leagues worldwide are among them.

Do you want to know what the Football API offers before committing? Of course, that is a possibility. You can subscribe to the free plan or one of the paid plans to start a 14-day free trial.

Choose the plan that
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Perfect for the curious visitors who want to test the waters before committing.


Danish Superliga and Scottish Premiership access.

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A great place to start for comprehensive access to all major European leagues.


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Designed for the real football data experts as it includes all major worldwide leagues.


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Worlwide plan

Only for the real pros, this grants access to all 2100+ available leagues.


All leagues, always!


Contact us for pricing. Or find out more information on our Enterprise page.


Create the future of sports!



Enterprise plan
* All prices are exclusive of VAT and, where applicable, VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

Custom Plan

Create your own custom plan that only includes the leagues and data features you need.

Let’s talk!
You are the one who decides which leagues and which data features you want to have.
A custom plan means that you only pay for the leagues and data features you're using. Why pay more for things you don't need?

Football API add-ons

Prediction API

Cutting edge technology and machine learning techniques form the basis of our prediction, value bet, and player contribution models.

Discover the Predictions API
Extra API calls

Start building with 3,000 API calls per hour/endpoint. Upgrade your plan to increase the rate limit.

Get extra API calls
Football news API

Boost your website with quality football news articles. Coverage for the top European competitions

Discover the News API

Why developers love our Football API

We’ve created various advice-led resources for developers to help them with the implementation processes.

  • Detailed documentation resources
  • Fast and helpful dev support team
  • Run in Postman
  • Also available on RapidAPI

Compliant with all code libraries

Thanks to our great community, special Sportmonks Prebuilt Wrapper packages are available to kickstart your implementation.

Football API with Python
Football API with Go
Football API with Laravel
Football API with PHP
Football API with Ruby

Choose the statistics you want the see and the team statistics widget will show you what you need. This data is directly implemented from our API.

Football API statistics

The Football API is full of amazing statistics. Statistics are used by professional football clubs, media agencies, and gaming companies. betting companies and more. All kinds of football applications can be built with the set of statistics included in the Football API.

Companies and hobbyists can use the Football API statistics to give an advantage to their application over their competitors. Fantasy games, odds portals, standing pages, live score applications, AI face recognition and much more are powered by our Football API.

Some of the statistics are plain and simple, like the number of goals a player or a team scores. Other statistics are more in-depth like the average minute teams or players need to score a goal, highest-rated players, average goals per minute per team, trends, and more.

You can try the Football API for free with a 14-day trial or the free plan. Choose your statistics package and make

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