How it works

Awesome website, but how does your business work and what does it offer?

Great you asked! This page gives you a step-by-step plan of how our products work.

Step 1 Create an account

First, you can create an account on our dedicated platform: My Sportmonks.

You need this account in order to subscribe to one of our amazing products.

Simply, head over to My Sportmonks to create your personal account.

Step 2 Choose a plan

Choose a plan that is relevant to your business idea! Every plan consists of a combination of sports, leagues and data features that you can choose.

Pay only for the data that you need.

Subscribe to one of our plans and get immediate access.

For plans and pricing see each of our product pages:

Step 3 Get your data

Get started right away and discover Sportmonks’ rich Sports data. Check out our:

Step 4 Build your application

Now that you have your valuable sports data, your team can start coding and create an awesome sports application/website.

Here are some examples for inspiration.



Step 5 Profit