Danish Superliga

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The Danish Superliga (Superligaen), founded in 1991, is the highest football division in Denmark. København and Midtjylland are the two top football teams from Denmark. They often compete for the title and perform on the highest European football stages, such as the Champions League and Europa League.

  • 12 Danish football teams
  • Historical data from the season 2005/2006
  • Founded in 1991

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Danish Superliga Facts

The league replaced the old Danish 1st Division in 1991. At the start, ten teams were competing. The number of teams increased and decreased throughout the years, just like the league structure. In the beginning, the teams played each other twice for the championship. Later, the league would be stretched out over two calendar years where the ten teams played each other twice in the first half. In the second half, the lowest placed teams were cut off, and the points of the remaining teams were halved. The eight teams would play each other twice again for the title.

Before the 1995/1996 season, the number of teams competing increased to 12. The teams played each other thrice for the title. The league structure would change multiple times throughout the years. Just like the league name. The Superliga changed the league name multiple times due to sponsorships with Coca-Cola, Face Brewery, SAS and Alka.

Topscorer standings

Morten Duncan Rasmussen is the all-time leading top scorer in the Danish Superliga with 118 goals in 267 appearances. He has made the appearances for 4 football clubs: Aarhus GF, Bröndby IF, FC Midtjylland and Aalborg BK. Senegal striker Dame N’Doye is with 82 goals in 141 matches in second place. He has made all his goals for FC Copenhagen.

Superliga season 2020/2021 Topscorers
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    "data": {
        "id": 17328,
        "name": "2020/2021",
        "league_id": 271,
        "is_current_season": false,
        "current_round_id": null,
        "current_stage_id": null,
        "goalscorers": {
            "data": [
                    "position": 1,
                    "season_id": 17328,
                    "player_id": 83665,
                    "team_id": 2905,
                    "stage_id": 77447994,
                    "goals": 13,
                    "penalty_goals": 4,
                    "type": "goals",
                    "player": {
                        "data": {
                            "player_id": 83665,
                            "team_id": 2905,
                            "country_id": 320,
                            "position_id": 4,
                            "common_name": "P. Mortensen",
                            "display_name": "Patrick Mortensen",
                            "fullname": "Patrick Mortensen",
                            "firstname": "Patrick",
                            "lastname": "Mortensen",
                            "nationality": "Denmark",
                            "birthdate": "13/07/1989",
                            "birthcountry": "Denmark",
                            "birthplace": null,
                            "height": "188 cm",
                            "weight": "81 kg",
                            "image_path": "https://cdn.sportmonks.com/images/soccer/players/17/83665.png"
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Danish Superliga Teams

Below you can find all the team information of the teams competing in the 2022/2023 season of the Danish Superliga.

FC Midtjylland (Ulvene, The Wolves)
Johhny Rune founded FC Midtjylland on the second of February 1999. The team plays their home matches in the MCH Arena. The stadium has a capacity of 12,000 spectators. Their main rival is Viborg FF.

Football Club Copenhagen (Team of the City, The Lions)
FC København was founded in 1992 through the merger of Kjøbenhavns Boldklub and Boldklubben 1903. The Parken Stadium (capacity 38,065) in Copenhagen is their venue. This venue also serves as a stadium for the Danish National team. Their main rival is Brøndby IF.

Brøndbyernes Idrætsforening (The Boys from Vestegnen)
Brøndby IF is based in the Capital Region of Denmark. The club was founded in 1964 by a merger between two local football clubs. Their stadium is the Brøndby Stadium which has a capacity of 28,000.

Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (The Reds, The Candy-cane Striped)
AaB is a professional football club based in Aalborg. The club was founded in 1885 and was originally a cricket club. The club transformed into a football club in 1902. Their home ground, with a capacity of 13,800, is Aalborg Portland Park.

SønderjyskE Fodbold (SE)
Founded in 1906 as Haderslev, the football club from Haderslev changed its name in 2004 to SønderjyskE. Sydbank Park serves as their home ground. The stadium has a capacity of 10,000.

AC Horsens (Den Gule Fare)
AC Horsens was founded in 1994. The home ground is CASA Arena Horsens with a capacity of 10,400. The club got promoted after winning the play-off round.

Lyngby BK
The club was founded in 1921 and plays in the Lyngbystadion with a capacity of 10,000. The club got promoted after a succesful 2021-2022 season.

Hvidovre IF was founded in 1925. The club plays its home games in the Hvidovre Stadion, which has a capacity of 12,000. Peter Schmeichel is one of the most famous old players.


Silkeborg Idrætsforening (SIF)
Silkeborg IF was founded in 1917. They play their home matches in JYSK Park (10,000 capacity). Silkeborg is one of the most successful clubs in Denmark.

Aarhus Gymnastikforening (The Whites, The City’s Team)
AGF was founded in 1880 as a sports club. In 1903 they transformed into a professional football team. Their home ground, Ceres Park, has a capacity of 19,433.

Viborg Fodsports Forening (The Greens)
Viborg FF is a Danish football club located in Viborg. The club was founded in 1896. With a capacity of 9,566, their home ground is the Energi Viborg Arena. Their traditional kit colors are green and white.

Odense Boldklub (The Striped)
Odense BK, known as OB, was founded in 1887. The Nature Energy Park is their home ground. The stadium has a capacity of 15,790. The football club has blue and white as traditional colors.

Football Club Nordsjælland (The Tigers)
FC Nordsjælland is located in the town of Farum. The club was founded due to a merger between two football clubs in 1991. They changed their name to FC Nordsjælland in 2003. Their home ground is Right to Dream Park (10,300 capacity)

Randers FC (The Horses)
Randers FC is located in Randers, East Jutland. The club plays their home matches in the Cepheus Park Randers. The stadium has a capacity of 10,300. The club was founded on the first of January 2003.
Randers FC is located in Randers, East Jutland. The club plays their home matches in the Cepheus Park Randers. The stadium has a capacity of 10,300. The club was founded on the first of January 2003.

Vejle Boldklub (The Reds, Ruby of Jutland)
Vejle is a football club founded in 1891 in Jutland. The club is known for developing great international players. VB is the only Danish club to produce a European Footballer of the Year winner: Allan Simonsen, 1977. They play their home matches in the Vejle Stadium (11,060 capacity)